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The two halves of the post title don’t actually connect in the way you’d think they would. Yes, I am glowing inside (and outside, as I am a little sunburned) from an absolutely fantastic four days in Ireland with Colton. (Though I am slightly knackered, especially after travelling all day today.) But I think the title is fun, so I’m leaving it up.

The real purpose of this post is to say that I am one of the new bloggers for the freshly relaunched Radiant Magazine web site. Click on the link and go to “Featured Blogs” – my post is called “Sacredness in the Everyday.” Alternatively, you can go to Blogs and scroll down to Sacred Spaces. I’ll be posting on there fairly regularly from here out. This post is just a little snippet, written in haste before I went off to Ireland. But I hope you enjoy it anyway. There’ll be much more to come.

Off to bed…slainte (Irish for “cheers”)!

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Inspired by Advent, one of my favourite seasons, and also by some recent events in my life, I wrote an article on Advent that was published in this week’s Radiant e-mail newsletter. You can find it here.

The Christmas party/event whirlwind has begun. Highland children’s musical on Sunday (soooo cute), a party Monday night (Highland staff and families), one last night (Come As You Are), my work party next week, and maybe more in the meantime. Whew! At least all my presents are purchased (though not all wrapped). I loooove being a Christmas elf, but I love it even more when my shopping is done early. (Thank you, Amazon.)

Happy belated birthday to my dear friend Cole. Who knew he shared a birthday with Sinatra? Seems to have been written in the stars…

Last night’s telling question from The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron: “If I felt I were beautiful enough, good enough, and worthy enough, how would I act?”

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Last Thursday’s blog inspired another article that Radiant has put up on their site. You’ve read the bulk of it already if you’ve read the post, but please go here to read it.

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book reviews

My book reviews are up! For some “Great Reads for Summer’s End,” go here and check out my recommendations.

Crazy, emotional, fun, WONDERFUL wedding weekend. (Capped off with a delicious lunch with Happy yesterday!) Pictures and stories coming soon.

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Guess what, guess what…ANOTHER ARTICLE!

This one’s a little lighter, perhaps…it’s called “Of Swing Dance and Style” (Cole and Jacque, take notice!) and you can read it here. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Blogger rendezvous tonight? Right?

Days off in the middle of the week can be a tremendous blessing. Lunch with Mom, playing with the puppy, late-night talk with Betsy, a trip to a fun used bookstore (not in that order). Despite having to get a cavity filled, I enjoyed my day off. Now it’s back to the grind until the weekend…

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a swirl of words

My life is a swirl of words. Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about sisterhood, success, country music, ballet flats, relationships, best friends, and most recently, my experience acting in a church Passion Play. I’ve been working on that article for quite a while today. And…(drumroll)…I just clicked on the Radiant magazine Web site and saw that my article “In the Presence of a Hero” is up! You can read it here.

It’s been an encouraging week for me as a writer. Yesterday I was notified that this article was accepted, and I also won a free T-shirt for telling the authors of Consider Lily, my most recent read, why I liked the book. (It’s classy, smart and funny – quite different from most chick lit – and it actually has a moral. And the protagonist was an English major!)

I’ve also written emails, of course, and taken notes for a couple of profiles for ACU Today and a recruiting guidebook. And I’ve journaled and talked to friends and dashed off a few thank-you notes. Words…words…words.

I love words, of course. They don’t always love me – sometimes they’re stubborn or elusive or just plain hard to work with. But I’m learning that the secret is to show up at the page or the computer. Having ideas helps, but even if I don’t, the simple act of writing something opens up my fingers and my mind. As Julia Cameron comments, “As we suit up and show up each day at the page or the camera or the easel, we have an ‘eye’ that becomes the ‘I’ present in all that we do.” And inspiration is much more likely to strike if you’re working faithfully.

All that to say – Please read my new article! And have a wonderful weekend filled with sno cones and baseball games and rolled-down windows and all the delights of summer. Cheers!

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