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Yesterday was a changeable day: morning haze, bright sunshine, an afternoon downpour. I spent it crisscrossing the Square, and snapped this photo walking by Memorial Hall after the rain.

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After a warm, almost sultry Labor Day weekend, this week has been chill, damp, rainy and generally miserable. I’ve come to work every day wearing my raincoat, leggings, a scarf, and my newest indispensable wet-weather accessory:

After going through two cheap Target pairs in three months, I splurged a bit and bought some Bogs. So far, I love them – because they’re sturdy, comfy, warm and RED. They’ve been a literal bright spot in a rather dreary week.

Happy Friday – we’re hoping for a sunnier weekend around here, and I wish you a lovely weekend, too.

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1. Snow shovels, scraping against the ground (and piled snow).
2. The motors and backing-up beeps of snowplow trucks.
3. Sirens. (We live near an intersection of two major roads.)
4. Whistling wind. (Brr.)
5. The crunch of boots through freshly fallen snow.
6. The teakettle whistling – an extra welcome sound these days.
7. J’s footsteps in the hall when he comes home.
8. The Friends theme song.
9. Audio announcements on the T.
10. Pages rustling.
11. Knitting needles clicking.
12. Soup bubbling.
13. The barely-audible swirl of snowflakes.
14. Rain drumming on the roof, when it’s too warm for snow.

What are the sounds of your winter?

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other words for rain

“[Alice] listens to the rain hammering on the roof of the tent. Chucking down; raining stair-rods. Presumably the Celts had their own colloquialisms for bad weather. She thinks about all the language that should hang in the air up here, centuries of it, the reverberations of a million exchanges about love and war, birth and death, and what to have for supper.”

~Penelope Lively, Making It Up

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Abilene appears to be drowning, or at the very least, it’s soggy and wet under yet another grey blanket of rain clouds. I know it’s near blasphemy for a West Texan to complain about rain, but we’ve had weeks of it. For heaven’s sake, we are literally an inch or two away from our average rainfall for the year!

However, I’ve been distracting myself for the past week by burying my nose in the Harry Potter series again. I’ve only read them once before, beginning in fall ’05 when Val all but shoved the first one under my nose, and I enjoyed them quite a lot – they’re clever, well written, absorbing, and often laugh-out-loud funny. (I adore Fred and George, the Weasley twins, who are first-rate practical jokers, and witty sentences such as “Just then, Neville caused a slight diversion by turning into a large canary.”) I’ve read the first four books over again this week, blazing through them all in a day or two each, which has definitely helped ease the boredom of long, nearly silent hours stuck at the office.

Another recent read that I highly recommend: The Book of Jane, new from my friends Anne and May. If you love chick lit, sharp wit, lovable characters, a well-drawn story or all of the above, go get this book. Now. Read it with your feet propped up, and enjoy it. And then hop on over to their blog to tell them how much you liked it.

Nearing the end of the workday…Happy Monday!

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Rainy Morning

Today I am sloshing across campus
with a travel mug of lukewarm chai,
dragging the hems of my jeans
across the sodden pavement.
To those who worry that my bare feet
will be cold inside my clogs,
I say: Don’t worry –
they’re lined with fleece.
And anyway, wet heels –
even cracked and chafed by damp denim –
are better than wet socks.

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