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We had coffee at Rachel’s house this Tuesday. They have a big, multi-level deck with a fireplace, lots of cozy seating and a lovely view, and she set out lots of wonderful snacks – including homemade tomato soup, fresh strawberries, tortilla chips and both tea and coffee.

But the biggest attraction of the night wasn’t edible – or even human. Rachel and her husband, Scott, have assorted pets, and the most exciting of them all is Pickles the llama:

Isn’t he cute? Since Bethany and I watched The Emperor’s New Groove about a thousand times in college, we were very excited to make his acquaintance.

He wasn’t sure what to think of us at first, but eventually decided we were okay, and even felt a little affectionate:

That’s Bethany getting a llama “kiss” – and then I got one too:

(I look pretty goofy, I know. But how awesome is it to get kissed by a llama?!?!)

Happy Love Thursday. May your week be full of unexpected pleasures – as mine has certainly been! Visit Karen’s blog for more links and stories of love.

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This list is straight from Hula, who inspired this whole crazy project anyway – check out her list here.

1. My red wallet, bought on a field trip to Sam Moon with the coffee ladies.

2. Black pens – because I am an inveterate scribbler, and like Anne Shirley, I am picky about pens.

3. My journal. I usually use the kraft-covered Moleskines and decorate the covers myself; currently I’m writing in one decorated with red-and-cream stickers bearing phrases about Paris.

4. Altoids Smalls. Because sometimes the big ones are overwhelming.

5. A nail file shaped like a wedge of lime.

6. A combination mirror and hairbrush, bought for $1 at Target.

7. Lip gloss – at least two different kinds – and Burt’s Bees peppermint beeswax balm. Because I am addicted.

8. Tissues. Especially this time of year.

9. Hand lotion. Currently white grapefruit.

10. My cell phone. So you can reach me, and I can reach you.

11. My sunglasses, in an adorable case bought on Etsy.

12. Advil – for those days.

13. Hats and gloves, usually handknit, when I’m not wearing them.

14. My keys – to the Honda, the house, both the offices and both the classrooms.

What do you carry around with you?

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The Case of the Missing Jeans

Currently, I own four pairs of jeans. (These are proper full-length jeans, not counting cropped jeans and my beloved Loft denim skirt, which I wear ALL the time.) Each of them has stayed with me for a number of years, for one or more reasons. I decided to take two pairs of them to Europe: a pair of medium-dark Express trouser jeans I inherited from my sister, and a casual pair of Old Navy jeans I inherited from my mom. (My very favourite jeans, the $10 steal from Gap that I’ve had since I was 17, stayed at home because they’re getting just a little ratty. Hole above the knee, rips in a few places. I love them because they’re perfectly worn in, but they’re not exactly polished any more. And my wide-leg, dark-wash jeans with a subtle silver sparkle, which go better with heels than flats, also stayed home. They’re a little too polished for schlepping from bus to beach to hostel.)

I wore the Old Navy jeans on the plane, and for the first several days of the trip (come on, you know you do it too). I then washed them in the House 10 basement flat and switched to the trouser jeans for the next several days.

When we were packing to leave Oxford, gathering our things from the corners of Jacob and Lara’s living room, I couldn’t find the Old Navy jeans. I looked everywhere. I even called Jacque and had her hunt through House 10 for me. They were nowhere to be found, and so I departed for Spain with no knowledge of their whereabouts, making do with the trouser jeans and my black pants for the rest of the trip.

Several days after we got home, I finally pulled our jeans out of the laundry baskets where they’d been dumped on our arrival. I shook out several pairs of Jeremiah’s jeans, my trouser jeans…and, lo and behold, there were the Old Navy jeans. In my hands. In the pile with all the other jeans.

How did this happen?

I still don’t know. I’m not certain if the jeans wound up in Jeremiah’s suitcase during all the packing/repacking/schlepping/unpacking, or if they got shoved in a pocket I never looked in. Or if some denim fairy picked them up and magically deposited them in our laundry basket in Abilene. There’s no telling. (At the moment, I’m inclined to believe the latter.) All I know is, they made it home with me somehow – thank goodness, because they are perfect for football games, hiking and casual weekends, but they will stand up to a nice dinner out, when accessorized properly. And, of course, they will live to see many more days of travel.

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friday news

I’ve finally joined the Twitterverse! You can see my feed over there in the sidebar, or if you’re also a Tweeter, you can follow me @katiengibson.

I say this every single day lately, Abilene being what it is, but I just have to reiterate: IT IS SO HOT. Even lemonade-on-the-go and air-conditioning don’t completely solve the problem of dripping perspiration and panting like a dog. We were under a heat advisory yesterday. I didn’t even know those existed!

Despite the heat, I’m still drinking hot tea in the mornings. My addiction is strong – and anyway, Tessa likes to keep it cool in the office. (And with my excellent new travel mug, courtesy of Bethany, I have even more motivation to sip my favourite beverage.)

I’ve got about six projects rolling right now, as usual; one of them is sorting, editing and uploading my photos from Oxford last year. Many of them, including hundreds of outtakes, have been hanging out on my hard drive all year, and I’m just now getting around to it. And I have to say: I am AMAZED at how many there are. I knew there were thousands, but really. Someone should sign me up for camera therapy.

Speaking of Oxford, we leave in six weeks. (Eeeee!) Good to remember on long, slow days at work.

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend. And if it’s not over 100 where you are, praise God for your cool weather. Believe me: we in West Texas envy you.

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I’ve seen several other people doing this, and it looked like fun…so, 16 things about me that I hope you didn’t know already.

1. My favourite pair of shoes, ever, are the red ballet flats (butter-soft leather, with bows on the toes) that I am wearing right now.

2. J’adore Cheerios. The plain, uncomplicated, whole-grain kind in the yellow box. It’s a holdover from childhood. I eat them three to five times a week.

3. I have tried twice before to knit fingerless gloves (see previous post) and have FINALLY knit one that turned out beautifully. Crossing my fingers (ha) for the other one of the pair…

4. When ordering books on Amazon, I always give myself license to spend $25 so I can qualify for “FREE Super Saver Shipping,” as they always write it.

5. I’m always reading more than one book at a time…currently, I’m working on four. One novel, Inkdeath, and three non-fiction: Gail Godwin’s journals, Francine Prose’s lovely book on writing, and a Jane Austen biography.

6. I cannot resist a good chick flick for $5 at Target. I can resist $9, $10 and $13, but the $5 gets me every time (evidenced by yesterday’s purchase of Runaway Bride).

7. I spend at least part of each day thinking about Oxford, and scheming how to get back there (for visits and to live). Been doing that since I left in ’04.

8. I always, always cry at Muppet movies…whether it’s at Beaker giving Scrooge his scarf in The Muppet Christmas Carol, everyone splitting up in The Muppets Take Manhattan, or a certain green frog singing “The Rainbow Connection” in a swamp.

9. Most of my books are arranged by genre, but a select group on the mantelpiece are loosely arranged by color.

10. I “collect” rotten bananas, i.e., store them in the freezer so I have them on hand to make banana bread. Mmmmm.

11. I own six – no, seven – pashminas. I might be a tad obsessed. (Three were gifts. But still.)

12. At home, I store no less than a dozen kinds of tea on a red wire tray in my kitchen cupboard. At work, I keep half a dozen kinds of teabags on hand, and bring a mug from home to drink it in. (This afternoon: lemon tea in a red mug traced all over with hearts.)

13. I am recently obsessed with Etsy.

14. I have a lip gloss/balm obsession…I carry three tubes in my purse, keep a pot on the bedside table, and have several more kinds stashed away in the bathroom cabinet.

15. I HATE plastic bags, and own no less than seven reusable totes which I carry to the grocery store and even, sometimes, the mall.

16. Until last night, my husband and I had NEVER ordered pizza – and we’ve been together for the better part of five and a half years. So we took the plunge and ordered Papa John’s. A bit expensive, but yummy.

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