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good advice

(Starbucks in Beacon Hill, near Boston Common)

That’s what I’m doing these days.

My morning and evening cups of tea; solitary lunches of leftover risotto or soup or a sandwich; my Friday trips to the farmer’s market; my daily customs of journaling and blogging. Knitting, usually while watching Friends with Jeremiah. Riding the T into the city when I need to get out of the house; hanging out on Boston Common, watching people and dogs, sometimes sipping a chai latte. Checking the job boards and resolutely sending out resumes. Doing laundry; doing dishes. Running errands in Quincy: the post office, the grocery store, the library. Setting out the trash and recycling every Tuesday. And of course, spending Sundays at Brookline and then at Nate and Abi’s house.

My new life hasn’t quite found a rhythm yet, since I’m still job hunting and consequently a bit at loose ends. Some things keep shifting, my moods among them. But I’m trying to take comfort in the rituals listed above, and trust that a job (and a rhythm) will come, and meanwhile, to enjoy the beautiful, crisp days of early fall in Boston.

Any rituals you’re taking comfort in these days?

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We are in transition right now, big-time. And by that I mean we’re finally starting to pack, to say good-bye to dear friends, to take part in “last things” – last visits to favorite restaurants, last times with loved ones, last Texas road trips for now. Last things are hard, because though I know we’ll be back for visits, it won’t be the same.

So what’s keeping me sane? Lots of hugs from my husband; some Friends episodes on repeat; writing every day; lighting candles when I can; a bit of knitting here and there. Watering my plants every morning; standing on the porch each morning and each night, watching early-morning wisps of cloud or the moon rising and scattering the clouds like bits of shell across the sky. Lunches with girlfriends, laughing over sandwiches or tacos. Trying to breathe in the last days of normalcy for a while; trying to anticipate and trust that good things are coming. Taking a few cues from my recharge program. And looking so forward to seeing Bethany in Nashville and Abi and Nate once we get to Boston.

What keeps you sane in the midst of craziness or transition?

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