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Today I have to tell you about my friend Serenity.

We’ve never actually met in real life, though I hope to remedy that someday. She fought cancer a few years ago, while pregnant with her third son, and won – by which I mean, she was declared cancer-free, and Jake was born healthy (and has remained so, I’m happy to say). Serenity has been fighting the cancer again this winter, first with surgery and then with a few rounds of chemo. And through it all, she has remained her honest, brilliant, loving, optimistic, thoroughly plucky self. The woman’s got spunk. And she can write.

If you are the kind of person who prays, please join me (and others) in praying that her cancer goes away and never comes back. And if you enjoy thoughtful, funny, sparkling, well-written posts about books, Hollywood, family, travel, the writing life and “trying to matter,” head on over and check out her site. And drop her a comment. And let her know that you’re thinking of her, as she fights her way through this journey.

Happy Love Thursday, all. May you treasure those you love today – and from me to you, here’s a midwinter bouquet.

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