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Things that make me happy today:

1. Having my 1:30 class canceled
2. Wearing the softest pink skirt in the world (and being told I looked beautiful)
3. Hanging out with an AWESOME group of freshmen in the U100 class for which I’m peer leading
4. Dove chocolate…enough said
5. Reading Mike Cope’s poignant birthday-letter blog to his deceased daughter, Megan
6. Reading Judith Pella’s Written on the Wind, a tale of three sisters who are caught up in all kinds of crazy situations as World War II intensifies. From a journalist’s life in Russia to Japanese-American tensions at home, she covers all the bases…in a delightful, captivating writing style.
7. Renee Fleming’s luscious, velvety Haunted Heart CD
8. Looking forward to singing at Praise Chapel tomorrow!
9. Lunch at the Fatted Cafe with good friends
10. Poetry (my own and other people’s)
11. Specifically, this lovely little bit from “Katrina’s Sundial” by Henry Van Dyke:

Hours fly,
Flowers die.
New days,
New ways,
Pass by.
Love stays.

That’s all for now.


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