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Some of you may remember I gave up Twitter for Lent this year. I confess my motivations weren’t all high-mindedly spiritual. Far from it, in fact. I knew I wouldn’t, for example, spend the time I usually spent on Twitter praying, or reading the Bible – most of the time I spend on Twitter is at work. And I am under no illusions about Twitter’s importance in the grand scheme of things – the fact that I even had to worry about giving it up is a problem of privilege.

I mainly wanted to do two things: give up something for Lent that demanded a lot of my attention, however trivial it seems; and break the cycle I’d gotten into of hopping onto Twitter every few minutes during the workday, scrolling and clicking links ad infinitum. I wanted to use Twitter as more of a tearoom, as Marianne says, rather than a constant stream of distraction that left me feeling frazzled and guilty for wasting so much time.

Since Easter, I’ve been tweeting again – though I find I have less to say these days. And while I still sometimes fall into the scrolling trap, I’ve at least gotten better at catching myself when I start clicking multiple links or reading dozens upon dozens of tweets (as opposed to the freshest 20 tweets or so).

It’s not ideal, but it’s a step. Catching myself, and refocusing, sure beats mindlessly giving into the urge and letting my time-wasting go unchecked. I guess this is what they call self-discipline.

Anyone else struggle with the distractions of social media (or other distractions)? How do you catch yourself and refocus?

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The title of this post can, and does, mean two things. One: the friends I have in real life who blog. Two: the friends I met through blogs who have become real-life friends. So you will get BOTH lists, dear readers. Here’s the first one, with all the appropriate linky love.

Real-Life Friends Who Blog (as in, I knew them in real life before they blogged, or before I started reading their blogs)

1. My sweet husband, who blogs in fits and starts, but is currently on a roll. He blogs about sports, music, therapy and faith, among other things, at Wide Awake.

2. Val, with whom I studied abroad in 2004; we then practically lived together for the rest of college. She and her sister Ginger share the blog Saltwater Coke.

3. Dani Lin, aka Wrangler Dani, also part of my study abroad group, and Val’s college roommate, and my dear writer friend.

4. Lady Juliette also studied abroad with us (see a theme here?) and lived with Dani and Val (and Kisha, who does not blog) at what we called House 9 Abilene. It was part party headquarters, part living room, part therapist’s couch and all blessing.

5. Joey used to blog at Prosso Speaks and is now at The Young Oak. He’s another one from Oxford ’04, and he just got married this weekend. (Woo hoo!)

6. The lovely Julie of Renard et Oiseau was a fellow English major at ACU, though we really became friends after college.

7. The other lovely Julie is part of my church small group, and one of the women I want to be like. I adore her.

8. Brent is a college buddy currently living in Armenia, doing the Peace Corps thing.

9. Amanda is one of my coffee-night ladies, the founder and director of Sanctuary Home for Children, and a henna artist extraordinaire.

10. Jana also comes to coffee night, and takes wonderful photos, and occasionally directs plays.

11. Richard is married to Jana, teaches psychology at ACU, and thinks deeply about almost EVERYTHING.

12. David and Stephanie studied abroad with me and then went to grad school with Jeremiah, so they are truly our mutual friends. They live in D.C. now, and sometimes they blog.

13. Los Fletchers were our los vecinos (neighbors) before they moved to Peru to be missionaries a few months ago. They are Lee and Stephanie, with three adorable kids – Sofia, Maddox and Liam – and they are funny and big-hearted and faithful, and we miss them terribly.

14. Mike Cope is my dad’s childhood friend, our former minister, the man who performed our wedding and a dear friend. He’s also a thoughtful, brilliant, kind theologian and professor.

Up next: a list of folks I met through blogs who are now real-life, flesh-and-blood friends. (Ah, the wonders of the Internet.)

Happy Monday!

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