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Every winter, I go on a serious Earl Grey kick. I’ve written before about how my tea-drinking habits shift with the seasons – I tend to drink lighter, fruity teas in the summers and dark, spiced blends in the winter (switching to lemon-ginger if I have a cold or sore throat). But for some reason, each year from January to about mid-March finds me reaching for the Earl Grey (I have three kinds in the tea cabinet right now). It’s strong, dark and warming, but somehow that bright hint of bergamot lightens things up, making it the perfect cuppa to warm and inspire on a wintry day. (And a huge peanut-butter-chocolate-chip cookie from Bread & Chocolate doesn’t hurt either.)

Besides, ever since Shanna reminded me that it’s his favorite, I think of Captain Jean-Luc Picard when I make a cuppa.

What warming drinks do you reach for on winter days?

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