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1. I could hang out with Lorelai (and maybe get fashion advice).
2. Sookie’s cooking. Delicious. (And I’d love to cook in Lorelai’s pretty kitchen.)
3. Eating (and drinking tea) at Luke’s Diner.
4. Browsing at Andrew’s bookshop.
5. Walking everywhere.
6. Lush foliage any time of the year.
7. All the crazy little festivals that Luke hates, Taylor loves, and I think are hilarious.
8. SNOW! (I have the same relationship with snow that Lorelai has.)
9. Getting to watch Miss Patty and her dancers.
10. I’m sure Rory comes back to visit once in a while. We could talk about books all DAY.
11. Playing with Lane’s babies.
12. Hearing Zach’s band.
13. Michel’s clever insults.
14. The gazebo in the center of town. Love it.
15. The utterly captivating, quirky charm of the whole place.

For some reason, as the mercury shoots up here in West Texas, I’m really jonesing for crisp, cool Connecticut with my beloved cast of characters. (Read more about my Gilmore love here.) Where do you wish you lived today?

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