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selfie stripes library Boston

I don’t take many selfies unless I’m running, but I snapped this one during a mid-morning break at the library. They make the best chai in the neighborhood, and the baristas are so nice.

It’s very me: striped dress (a recent clothing-swap find), my favorite necklace (just out of frame), sunglasses on my head, a few wayward silver strands peeking through the brown and red. Long lashes, pink cheeks, tired eyes, a half smile. Just another weekday morning – and I love that this project calls us to pay attention.


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Stripes obsession

I avoided horizontal stripes for ages, out of self-consciousness and a horror of overemphasizing my curves. (Isn’t it odd how we pick up bits of assorted advice, some sound and others decidedly not so, and obey them like commandments for years?)

I am mostly a solid-colors girl, with scarves providing a bit of pattern and/or contrast during three seasons of the year. But this fall I am embracing the stripes. They are fun, sophisticated and snazzy. And, done right, they work nicely with my body, curves and all.

stripes red flats

journal stripes patio flowers porch

stripes smile scarf cafe

boots stripes central park
What patterns (or other trends) do you love? As seen above, I also adore scarves, leggings, ballet flats, my big-but-delicate silver hoop earrings, and the color red. (And I am a wee bit jealous of Abi’s charming hat.)

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