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It’s Green Day over at Poppytalk, and also here, as I’m participating in their Spring Color Week. Abilene is starting to “green up,” especially with our recent rains, but these photos are all from Oxford, taken in spring 2008.

This church, now the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, is right around the corner from the ACU houses on Canterbury Road. (It’s technically on the Woodstock Road.) Its gardens are small, but vibrant.

My friend Vince, an American Ph.D. student (whose wedding we attended this summer), gave me a tour of Worcester, his college. It was still chilly – I wore my raincoat and wellies – but oh so green.

I love the sunsets in South Parks (see yesterday’s post), but mostly I love that it’s one long bolt of green, unfurling down a hillside. (I rode my bike down it once, for the pure pleasure of it – and after spring came, I nearly always took off my shoes and walked barefoot in the grass.)

This is Mary Kate, who belongs to Julie, and belonged to our ACU group that spring. Doesn’t she look like a literary heroine in this pose?

I spent one blissful afternoon in the gardens of New College, where my friend Owen proposed to his wife, and where the cloisters speak of romance and mystery.

My housemates and I took a May excursion to Suffolk, where Lizzie lives, and where all of us were able to relax for a few days. We had dinner at the local pub, watched the six-hour Pride and Prejudice, jumped on a friend’s trampoline, sneaked into a castle, and walked several miles on Five Bridges Road. This is the “album cover” photo; they’re all blowing on blades of grass. (From left: Lizzie, Grace and Jo.) I love these girls.

Happy green Tuesday to you.

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