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As was the case last summer, some of the best living this summer has gone unblogged – out of necessity, lack of time to write about it, or the need for a break. As we head into fall (already?), I wanted to share a few glimpses of my summer with you.

We saw HEM at the Sinclair in Cambridge, in early June. I have loved their music since my long-ago days as a barista at an indie coffee house, when one of our regulars gave me their album Rabbit Songs. Hearing them play “Half an Acre,” which I adore, was a highlight.

k & j sinclair

I attended a work function in Memorial Hall on Harvard’s campus and ate my first meal inside Annenberg Hall, which looks like something out of the Harry Potter movies (or out of Oxford, where they were filmed):

annenberg hall interior harvard

We spent an afternoon wandering around Portsmouth, NH…

portsmouth street

…where we visited three bookstores, including the wonderful Book & Bar:

portsmouth book & bar

We made our annual pilgrimage to Cambridge to watch the July 4 fireworks show. (It was SO HOT. But there were friends and food and fireworks and it was a wonderful night.)

k & j 7-4-13

My parents came to visit in late July, and we took them to the John Adams houses and the Newport mansions and to Fenway, where we got rained out. So we headed to Finale for dessert instead:

finale molten chocolate cake

My parents are adorable.

mom & dad finale

My dad always has to have lobstah when he comes to Boston, and you can get ‘em cheap at Quincy Market:

dad lobster

We headed back to Cape Cod for a weekend in August, complete with bookstore browsing, a Cape Cod League baseball game and some serious beach time. (This was after the swimming, the reading and the accompanying sunburn, and right before the sunset.)

k & j eastham beach

This weekend, we headed to a friend’s housewarming party, where she donned a fabulous blazer to host a game of couples Jeopardy (which J and I won):

Jeopardy Aug 2013 002

And in between, there have been plenty of patio dinners, trips to the farmer’s market, episodes of Inspector Lewis, Sunday cookouts with friends, great books, and ordinary evenings spent hanging out with my love.

What have you left unblogged this summer?

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harvard yard cambridge ma

Harvard Yard at lunchtime, full of trees, tourists, deep shade, and locals having lunch.

harvard yard cambridge ma

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When I worked in central Boston, you could find me at the Copley Square farmers’ market during my lunch break on any given Tuesday during the summer, and many Fridays. I’d browse the stalls, fill a tote bag with produce, then buy a tomato-mozzarella sandwich and perch on a bench with my book to eat it and people-watch.

book sandwich raspberries farmers market

I miss those sandwiches now that I work in Harvard Square. But the Harvard farmers’ market, under a big white tent at the Science Plaza (just north of Harvard Yard), has its own delights.

berries red farmers market

There are stands overflowing with fresh produce, which at the moment includes all my favorites – berries, peaches, peppers and tomatoes:

tomatoes corn farmer's market

Some stands also sell chocolate, pastries, pretzels and fresh fish (though I’ve never bought the latter, as I’d have to lug it home on the subway).

I’m still exploring all the options (and figuring out how much produce I can reasonably carry home). But I’m so glad to have this bounty of fresh, colorful, local offerings so close to my office.

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jfk library atrium boston ma

Interior (above) and exterior (below) of the JFK Library and Museum, near our house. Fascinating exhibits about the Kennedy family, JFK’s career, Jackie, and the turbulent 1960s.

jfk library museum exterior boston ma

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tealuxe iced chai sunglasses

Morning at Tealuxe: iced chai and some quiet writing time.

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#AugustBreak 2013: home

cape cod sunset k&j

Home is wherever I’m with this guy – be that a Cape Cod beach, our own little flat, or anywhere else in the world.

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sunset cape cod

Sunset over Cape Cod Bay, this weekend.

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berries red farmers market

All sorts of red goodness at the Harvard farmers’ market.

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tomatoes corn farmer's market

I want to eat ALL the tomatoes at this time of year.

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boston skyline

Taken from the Rose Kennedy Greenway, while eating treats from Mike’s Pastry and talking about everything and nothing, when Shanna was here.

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