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girlie lunches

Over the past few years, Julie and I have perfected the art of the girlie lunch. We meet up once every two or three weeks, sort of alternating between Rosa’s and Hickory Street Cafe and Tuscany’s. If it’s the first, I always get chips and queso and Julie usually gets sopapillas, to share. If it’s the second, one or both of us will order zucchini bread, and usually raspberry tea. And if it’s the latter, as it was today, at least one of us will order the grilled cheese on seasoned sourdough, and a cup of soup (their spicy potato, creamy with a kick, is my favorite).

At all three places, there’s lots of laughter, and talk about books and clothes and scarves (we are girls), and teaching and grad school and future plans. We share stories and joys and daily travails, and we laugh, and we always part with a hug and a promise to do it again soon.

(I can’t believe we weren’t really friends in undergrad, though we knew each other slightly. However, we are definitely making up for lost time now.)

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