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I discovered Tara Mohr’s work a few months ago, through various folks who were sharing her posts on Twitter. Her blog is full of wise, gentle, challenging insights on what it means to be a woman, how to discover the lives we’re meant to have, how we sometimes get in our own way when it comes to finding those lives. She also writes beautiful poetry.

Starting soon, Tara is offering a course called Playing Big – a challenge for women who feel like they have a story to tell, an idea to explore, a passion to make more of a difference in the world.

I’ll be honest with you – the very idea of “playing big” scares me. I try, so hard and so often, to do what’s safe, to earn enough money, to keep people happy, to avoid rocking the boat. (Of course, some of my major life decisions – graduate school in Oxford, moving to Boston last summer – have rocked the boat by their very nature. But most of the time, I much prefer not to be the rebel, the maverick, the radical.)

However, I believe in what Tara has to offer – and I’ve really been challenged by some of her recent posts about the idea of playing big. So I’d encourage you to check out the course, and think about whether it might be just the challenge you need.

(NB: If you register through that link, I will make a commission as an affiliate of Tara’s program.)

As a free gift – no registration required – Tara has agreed to share her e-book of poetry, The Real Life, with my readers. These poems are full of lovely images and heartfelt wisdom – truly a gift. Click the link to download and enjoy.

Registration closes Monday, April 11, so please check out the course if you’re interested. And have a great weekend!


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