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busy being brave

Whew. Are we two weeks into the New Year already? Can someone tell me how that happened?

I’ve been busy – trying to follow my one little word (see post below) where it’s taking me, and still snatch some time to breathe. This past week has been something of a wild ride. I am officially an adjunct professor, teaching two sections of freshman English, at ACU.

This has been one of my longtime dreams – particularly since I taught at another university in Fall 2008 and wished I were teaching at ACU. I’m back in the cozy camaraderie of my English department, where I spent four happy years as an undergraduate, and most of my former professors are now my colleagues – as well as my friends.

I have a total of 31 students, including at least 10 internationals, to whom I’m supposed to teach something about writing and arguments and rhetoric this semester. The planning has already taken up a lot of time and a lot of mental space – but I hope to adjust to the new rhythm soon.

I’m also trying to be brave in other ways – to try new recipes and knitting patterns (I’m learning how to read charts, which have scared me for years), to call and email friends about getting together, to read Gretchen’s book (which, so far, is totally fabulous) and really think about making small changes in various areas of my life. (I’ve also been missing Oxford, even more than usual, and thinking about planning a trip there again.)

With all this bravery, I definitely need some incubating time this weekend. Fortunately, it’s a long one – so I don’t work again until Tuesday. I’m planning to enjoy it very much – and I hope you do, too.

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