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(My new red coat, beloved gold flats and some Christmas gifts. So merry!)

I’ve always loved decorating for Christmas, but have really gotten into it since moving out and having my own place. When Bethany and I lived together in college, we always bought a real tree (she’s from the Piney Woods, so real trees are a must) and hung stockings on our little mantel. (Our living-room walls were a deep crimson, so, as she said, “just add green” and we were ready for Christmas.)

When I lived in my little flat on Avenue F, three years ago, I decorated the living room and kitchen – you can see photos here. That little place was about 400 square feet, but bursting with Christmas spirit.

My housemates and I, when we lived in Cowley (east Oxford) together in ’07-’08, bought a tiny tree and some icicle lights and threw a party for my beloved ACU-Oxford crew. We all scattered for Christmas, obviously, but we had a wonderfully festive season.

Nowthat J and I have our own house, decking our halls together is a favorite ritual. My mom bought us a tree last year (fake, because J is allergic to real ones), and a gift card for a bunch of ornaments and stuff. We got it all out two weeks ago, spent most of the evening on Dec. 4 decorating, and here is the finished result:

Isn’t it lovely? I am loving sitting in the living room in the evenings, with just the tree, a candle and maybe a lamp providing light. And I’ve broken out the Christmas music – James Taylor, Sarah McLachlan, Vince Guaraldi, Jars of Clay, Elvis, some big-band music and even Jim Brickman.

We hosted two Christmas parties this week – one for our “crew,” which includes Bethany and what we call “the Evans-Lollar clan.” (Abi and Kelsey are sisters; Nate and Jake are brothers; Abi is married to Nate; and Jake is engaged to Sarah, whose family is part of our small group.) Taken together, they are “the clan” and they are some of our favorite people to hang out with.

Here they are: Nate, Abi, Bethany, Sarah, Jake, Kelsey and my own Jeremiah. (I took the photo.)

We ate a TON of snacks, played Taboo, shrieked with laughter and goofed around under the mistletoe. So fun.

Here’s a shot of the girls. Abi, Bethany and I have known one another since we were freshmen, but we’ve never been as close as we are now. I’m so thankful we’re a part of one another’s daily lives. This time is precious.

The next night, I had the coffee ladies over. We did what we always do – talked and laughed, drank tea and hot cocoa, snacked and told stories and laughed some more. Fabulous.

I’ll leave you with a shot of my sweet husband and me, under the mistletoe:

More December views to come soon – and I may follow Jana’s example and blog about my treasured Christmas ornaments. Happy Love Thursday!

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