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I know I’m a walking ad for Brattle Book Shop these days – I’ve rhapsodized about it on the blog, taken Jeremiah and Abi there, even coaxed my parents there on their visit this week. And nearly every time, I find a treasure I simply can’t live without, or a deal too good to pass up. So here, in all their glory, are my finds so far:

Most of these cost me $5 or less (oh, how I love the outdoor bargain carts/shelves). And the others were just too delicious not to take home. I love anything by L.M. Montgomery, so this copy of Mistress Pat charmed me, and The Bean and the Scene is a collection of delightful, whimsical drawings of Boston and Cambridge. I’d been hankering to read Russian Winter, so was glad to snag a review copy, and the 20th Century Psalter came with a letter tucked inside, from an English soldier in 1944 who couldn’t get home for Christmas, but wrote a cheerful message to the friend who was the book’s recipient.

I’ve devoured a few of these right after bringing them home, and the others are piling up nicely on the coffee table, just waiting for me to dip into them. And the best part is, I can always go hunting for more treasures, and bring them home for little more than the price of a round-trip T ticket, or a cup of hot cocoa at a cafe.

What are your favorite places to hunt for hidden treasure? (If you have any Boston spots to suggest, I’d be most grateful. And if any of you, dear readers, ever come to Boston, I shall be happy to show you around Brattle, and hunt for treasures with you.)

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