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This week, much as I hate to admit it, I feel more than slightly defeated by:

~The weather, which has been changing every five minutes and thus making it impossible to dress appropriately. Too many layers on Tuesday; not enough yesterday, so I changed at lunch; then it got too warm. Today? Long trousers that got soaked in the puddles that formed in the downpour just before lunch.

~The mosquitoes, who don’t even CARE about the citronella candle I’ve been lighting on the front porch. They are far more interested in any part of me exposed to the air, especially my bare feet. Which is a shame, because it’s perfect sweater-and-bare-feet weather (when it’s not pouring).

~My seeming inability to get enough sleep, even when I go to bed on time. Maybe I shouldn’t even drink tea after work. (I usually avoid all caffeine after about 7 p.m., but it’s been hard to get to sleep this week anyhow.) Anyone have any good ideas for calming down your brain at bedtime?

~Related: My inability to get to work on time. My office is far from picky about me getting there at 8 sharp, but being 20 minutes later than everyone else is not acceptable. Even I know this.

~The very idea of revising my first novel, which is looming ahead of me, huge and forbidding. I’m trying to take notes as I read through, but the truth is that I’m terrified to change a thing. What if I ruin it? Or what if it was never any good in the first place, and the whole process is futile?

~My addictions to Ravelry and Etsy, which are seriously impeding my productivity.

~The fact that Jeremiah still doesn’t have a job – it’s a bit discouraging for both of us. Though he was grateful to get to attend lots of Summit events this week (it’s an annual conference, with fascinating speakers, held at ACU).

I am still deeply thankful for my husband, my coffee friends, my cozy little office (even if I hate the orange wall color), my family, hot cups of tea, good-smelling candles, knitting and good books. Among other things. But I’m about ready to end this week, somewhat gracefully, and try to make the next one a little better.

Anyone else with me? (If you’re having a fabulous week, congratulations – I am so happy for you. But I just have a little case of the blahs, so I decided to vent a bit – and if you’d like to commiserate, please do so.)

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