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1. Longer, warmer days, which, thank God, have already begun.
2. Turning off the heat for the summer.
3. Sandal weather.
4. Dinner on our balcony.
5. Katherine and Andrew’s visit in just one week.
6. Bethany’s wedding in June.
7. Spending Fourth of July in Boston – I hear it’s spectacular.
8. The Becks’ visit in July.
9. My parents’ visit, later in July (and a Red Sox game!).
10. Cookouts.
11. Fresh tomatoes.
12. Fresh summer fruits.
13. The next few weeks of my seminar at Grub Street – the first class was fabulous.
14. An anniversary getaway on Cape Cod.
15. Farmers’ markets.
16. More lunch breaks out on the Common.

(Can you tell I’m anticipating the summer?)

What are you looking forward to these days?

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