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This list is straight from Hula, who inspired this whole crazy project anyway – check out her list here.

1. My red wallet, bought on a field trip to Sam Moon with the coffee ladies.

2. Black pens – because I am an inveterate scribbler, and like Anne Shirley, I am picky about pens.

3. My journal. I usually use the kraft-covered Moleskines and decorate the covers myself; currently I’m writing in one decorated with red-and-cream stickers bearing phrases about Paris.

4. Altoids Smalls. Because sometimes the big ones are overwhelming.

5. A nail file shaped like a wedge of lime.

6. A combination mirror and hairbrush, bought for $1 at Target.

7. Lip gloss – at least two different kinds – and Burt’s Bees peppermint beeswax balm. Because I am addicted.

8. Tissues. Especially this time of year.

9. Hand lotion. Currently white grapefruit.

10. My cell phone. So you can reach me, and I can reach you.

11. My sunglasses, in an adorable case bought on Etsy.

12. Advil – for those days.

13. Hats and gloves, usually handknit, when I’m not wearing them.

14. My keys – to the Honda, the house, both the offices and both the classrooms.

What do you carry around with you?

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