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When I started knitting, back in college, I lived in a town with both a Hobby Lobby and a Michaels, but no local yarn shop for several hundred miles. Not knowing what I was missing, I wasn’t greatly bothered by this – until I got bored with knitting only scarves, bought a couple of knitting books, joined Ravelry, and discovered the big wide world of non-acrylic yarn (including wool that actually doesn’t itch! A revelation).

Once I discovered the range of gorgeous yarns available, I became kind of a snob about craft-store yarn – though it has its uses, I admit. And while I kinda miss Hobby Lobby (we don’t have it up here), I miss it for picture frames and other craft supplies, not for yarn. Because I have found a new place to buy yarn. And – this is dangerous – it’s only three blocks from where I work.

The Windsor Button is hidden in plain sight, just another gray storefront on a street of gray storefronts, next to a wig shop (not kidding), and near a taco joint, a convenience store, the entrance to the subway, and a shoe shop. It has linoleum floors and fluorescent lights, and if you were just passing by you’d never know it held such treasure.

But. Walk inside, and behold the rack of yummy Madelinetosh yarns hanging up near the entrance, and feast your eyes on a WHOLE WALL of buttons, of all conceivable shapes, sizes, materials and colors, and you’ll be in crafter heaven.

I don’t only come here for yarn – I’ve bought thread, needles, denim patches and, of course, buttons from this shop. The employees are friendly, the stock large, the prices fair and the location perfect. But I mainly come to pet the pretty skeins of yarn, hold different colors up to my face, or try to find the perfect yarn for whatever new pattern I just downloaded. (My last dozen projects, at least, are made with yarn I bought here.)

I’m so grateful to have a shop just down the street to indulge my yarn cravings – as well as pick up thread or buttons on my lunch break. But I’m even more grateful to have another place to “dwell in possibility.” Because all those skeins and spools and buttons are possibilities just waiting to be knitted and sewn and crafted and transformed into reality. And that makes my head spin. In a good way.

Where do you go to feed your creative passions – or to glean inspiration?

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I didn’t do a whole lot of Christmas knitting this year – just a pair of mitts for Abi, a matching cowl-and-hat set for my J (finished after Christmas), and a pink cowl for my Lizzie (also finished after Christmas, due to deadlines and projects beyond my control).

However, I still love the idea of January as Selfish Knitting Month, and I’d been eyeing a couple of me-projects for a while now. So here they are:

I’d knitted a pink Thermis cowl in a waffle stitch for Lizzie, and I decided I wanted one too – so here it is, made of yummy soft Malabrigo worsted:

(Buttons and yarn from the fabulous Windsor Button, my main source for yarn and sewing notions these days. Ravelled here.)

Next up: a new pair of fingerless mitts, since I needed a backup for my beloved black Princess Mitts. These Snapdragons (Rav link), knit in lovely madelinetosh dk, fit the bill. (The color is Composition Book Grey – perfect for a writer!)

I also squeezed in a baby gift set for a friend, and a black lacy beret for my sister. Still working on another cowl for me – I’m going to need warm handknits for a while yet. I think selfish knitting is definitely allowed when it’s this cold.

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