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“Slowly the splendour died, giving place to the mystic beauty of a winter twilight when the moon is rising. The hollow sky was a cup of blue. The stars came out over the white glens and the earth was covered with a kingly carpet for the feet of the young year to press.

“‘I’m so glad the snow came,’ said the Story Girl. ‘If it hadn’t the New Year would have seemed just as dingy and worn out as the old. There is something very solemn about the idea of a New Year, isn’t there? Just think of three hundred and sixty-five whole days, with not a thing happened in them yet.'”

The Golden Road, L.M. Montgomery

I hope wonderful things happen in all your days this year.

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Merry Christmas (and lots of hot cocoa) from our house to yours.

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(Photo from Ablett Close, Oxford, Spring 2008)

Hello all. I’ve been out…both literally and metaphorically. Last week saw another snow day in Abilene – at least the 4th big snow this winter – and then a botched trip to New York, truncated in Dallas because of big snow in Brooklyn. All this meant that my classes missed a week, and I missed two days of work, and well…it’s been crazy.

But I’m back. Still in the middle of working and teaching and cooking dinner, and reading and laundry and grocery shopping, and all those little things we do that make up the dailiness of life. Some days I’m struggling to hold it all together, and some days, like today, feel like a kiss from heaven. But either way, I’m here.

Anyway, spring has sprung in Abilene after weeks of abrupt swings between snow and rain, and I’m celebrating with a list:

Signs of Spring

1. Big, fat robins pecking in the grass…I saw two in the backyard last week.
2. Crisp, clean air that refreshes, but doesn’t make me shiver.
3. Bright blue skies, instead of pale blue-white ones.
4. Mud. Everywhere.
5. Thoughts of Spring Break, Easter, and just beyond that, summer vacation…
6. A sharp longing to be in University Parks, to watch the daffodils blow.
7. Tulips blooming in my guest room.
8. Counting the days till I can move my plants outside. (Not yet…the nights are still pretty chilly.)
9. Wearing long cardigans and ballet flats instead of wool coats and boots.
10. Mist on my car in the mornings instead of ice.
11. Dreaming of fresh fruit – in season – just around the corner.
12. The urge to clean out cluttered corners in the house.
13. The urge to throw windows and doors wide, and let in the fresh air.
14. The ability to turn the heat off for several hours a day!
15. Which will hopefully lead to lower gas bills.
16. Thoughts of Camp Blue Haven, New Mexico, where I spent two blissful weeks writing and hiking in May 2005. The longing comes back every spring.
17. Drinking lighter, fruity teas (blackberry sage, pomegranate raspberry) instead of just sticking to dark, strong winter black teas. (Though they’re still mixed in there, for now.)
18. Fat buds on the tree in our driveway, and blossoms on our flowering quince.

Here’s hoping spring is showing up where you are.

(Daffodils in University Parks, Oxford, Feb. 2008)

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